Download "100" Free Backgrounds - TM

Yo! Good day to my fellow creatives, I hope you all are doing well? You don't even have to tell me. I see a lot on social media how hardworking we have all been lately. God in his creativeness would always remain the source to our productivity. 

Couple of times, a lot of people ask how do i go about sourcing for backgrounds. I don't really have a specific website where i downloaded but whenever i need them Google and Pinterest is my "RUN TO".

While some ask me what is the 'KEYWORD" i use in searching. Truth be told, a good researcher will need variables to test an hypothesis same applicable to graphics designers we need to find our FACTS & FIGURES properly while using Google or any other medium in sourcing. There are some creatives who create background by themselves without having to download online.

Straightttttt!!!!!, I have decided to compile 100 backgrounds for free downloads.

It is amazing right?

Kindly drop your comments below:

Download ZIP file