Project: "Help Feed 500 Less Privileged Daily" - Ganiyu Rasak


“The 500 Parcels Project mission is to feed 500 less privileged daily, but as a result of inadequate resources like capital, it will be done on a periodic basis. The 500 Parcels Project is borne out of the empathy for the poor and utmost selfless attitude to help the less privileged, especially the children to arrest hunger..”


The Philosophy

The best investment in life is giving and reaching out to the poor. I grew and learnt from mother to always reach out to the poor and share what I have with them.

It’s actually unexpected of us to tell the world that I have helped legions of people but then we just have to do by acting and not through speech.

Giving alms has to do with having a secret investment with your God, you are not to question those you give it to, let your intents read that you are giving it to show gratitude to God and not to end somebody’s poverty or hunger even if it seems like you are doing so.

The poor deserves to be happy, they deserve good life and that is why we at the 500 parcels are setting the platform up to help feed 500 less privileged to feel important on daily basis but capital issues will limit us to fixed dates periodically.

We pray God maximizes the energy so that we can reach out to these people almost everyday.

Kindly Help Them Smile!

We Count On You!

- Ganiyu Razak 


In 2004, A Non-Governmental Organization, Food Aid International (FAI) said and I quote “about 3,000 people die daily of hunger and poverty in Nigeria, Africa's most populous country”.

In 2006, Independent News made a report that “Globally, a child dies every three seconds due to hunger, which is equivalent to 10,000 children every day,” the report reads. “About 60 per cent of people who go hungry are female.”

Purpose & Problems

- To share our days with the poor ones as they need us to enlighten then.

- To make them feel important as well.

- Helping them to arrest hunger

- Staying around the poor increases our appreciations to God.

“The poor deserves to be happy. We feel like reaching them everyday. They deserve good life and that is why we at the 500 parcels are setting the platform up to help 500 Less privileged feel important on daily basis but capital issues will limit us to fixed dates periodically ”.


Our Target Audience are kids deprived of education, food and care. Adults inclusive after we have satisfied the children.

Budget for the project

We came up with an estimate of Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira Only (N250,000) which would bring the project to life, covering food items, cooking, drinks, logistics amongst others.


We believe this project can reduce the hunger of the less privileged. Need we say if done thoroughly with proper funds, the rate and report of hunger will reduce. There are amazing philanthropist and Charity Organizations before now, welcoming us to the slate will reduce the rate of hunger while we implore those with kind hearts to do more so that we can bring hunger down for good.


The Project was started by Ganiyu Razak and co-founded by Omobola Ajibade, they both happen to be drawn to the less privileged. Heart-stricken by the love to help them smile. We believe giving alms is a secret investment with God. Sooner or later, we would be rewarded in different ways..

In no way do we want to really do this to promote ourselves, we just want the poor to sincerely smile.

We want to help them feel important in the world, also we have had a couple of beautiful and kind hearted selfless people who are volunteers of this wonderful project.

We so much want to believe that this project will open door for bigger ones in the nearest future. We want to see the less privileged smile and to also help them arrest hunger. We also believe that as we gradually practice this act, the rate of hunger will reduce. Together we can! With God, all expectations will come through!

“We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone…”

For more information, kindly contact: 08127017815, 08180925767, 09063060886 

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