[GiveAway] Free 30 HD Backgrounds For "Designers" Only

Few days ago, i started a Self Challenge on Manipulations and Effects online and it was tagged "7DaysSelfChallenge". Many Graphics designers wanted to be part of this, but, due to the short notice, i commence with other graphics designers who are within my reach on Social Media.

However, it is very pertinent to understand that "Background" is also part of the resources needed to create a design. Let me simply put, it is also an ingredient in the graphics sphere.

I have seen lot of people in this profession ask me several questions on how i source for backgrounds, while some ask me what is the 'KEYWORD" i use in searching. Truth be told, a good researcher will need variables to test an hypothesis same applicable to graphics designers we need to find our FACTS & FIGURES properly while using Google. Well, I don't have any special keyword in seaching for BACKGROUNDS!!!!

And, that made me decided on giving out "Free 30 HD Backgrounds" which i recently sourced from Google search.


Download ZIP file