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DAY 1: #7DaysSelfChallenge

Last week, I watched a video on-line concerning the Corona Virus Outbreak and how it spreads. In so many countries around the globe, there has been LockDown and closure of the day-to-day activities we engage ourselves in, so as to survive and make ends meet.

But, it's quite unfortunate that this Virus is here, and it's so scary!!!.. In the video, a female doctor in USA was so restless about the whole situation seeing people die and most in unwell conditions. Sobss! She cried bitterly and made a statement in the video that "Many of us are risking their our lives to SAVE other people".

She couldn't resist her emotions, well dressed in her lab cloth, gloves ๐Ÿงค and nose cover.

God! Please forgive all our Sins, and let the virus evacuate from the world ๐Ÿ˜ข, so she said.

God come to our aid, Rescue us and keep our loved ones SAVE.


Day 2: #7DaysSelfChallenge

Since the Outbreak of the Corona Virus (COVID-19), Social Media has been an abode for us where we get informed about the latest news on trend & development locally and internationally.

However, everyone stay glued to their mobile phones lately more than before. The LockDown of the economy including religious institutions were closed to reduce the spread of the virus.

Schools, Churches, Business owners now make use of their social media (Instagram) to be precise to pass information across to their audience.

In the Entertainment industry now, there have been several LIVE VIDEOS you engage in that kills the boredom during the LockDown... I wouldn't want to sight examples but I know that of the popular love videos that of the BaddyOsha's own where several ladies twerk for GIVEWAY.. It's absolutely for FUN.

.... Don't let boredom get rid of you, if you have enough data, check Instagram, you'd be glued there.


Day 3: #7DaysSelfChallenge

Last night, I couldn't put my head to rest cause I was longing to create an aesthetic look having seen so many lifestyle photographers whereby they go on set to a location that's more rural, and it really tells us that a photographer can create a SCENE where there's no SCENE.

Well, photography and graphics designing are intertwined in some ways which eventually makes a photography business a success! In the process, image editing and sifting is highly important to create distinctive outlooks, which could also resonate with people's sense of reasoning, thus; VISUAL COMMUNICATION.

So, in my challenge, I've decided to create this little piece even if it's not an 100% but, I achieve what I pictured in my head last night.



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