[Download ZIP File] Free Gold Blending Text Effects - TM

There are several Text Effects online that can help enhance our design output. Yes! It really helps a lot. Majority of us download most of them to make our design looks unique and outstanding.

Well, I am used to downloading some 3D text effects and all sorts. But, for sometime now I've been trying to create something new and different with Photoshop which eventually i did and I've used in several designs.

However, so many of my colleagues out there who are graphics designers do ask how do I create or where do I download those text effect. It's a question? Which I can't really express so much online rather than a one-on-one tutorial. So therefore, I've saddled my responsibility to also give out this Text Style Effect i use in designs.

Do follow in the instruction properly after you have downloaded the ZIP File attached to it. There is a document you'd find as well, follow the process and kindly drop your comments.

Cheers !!!