Alibaba's Message For Ladies Putting Other Ladies Under Pressure on Social Media

For all those women putting their fellow women under pressure on social media with their extravagant lifestyles, Alibaba has a message for them.

Alibaba is known to be quite vocal about social issues so it doesn't come as a surprise as he calls out a certain category of women known for putting other women under pressure to attain a particular level of success.

The veteran stand up comedian and entrepreneur made this known on Monday, April 29, 2019, via his Instagram page. According to him, those women who are living the extravagant lifestyle without any particular known job or matching pay cheque should wait for the wrath of the law to catch up with them.

"And as for all of those ladies who are putting other hard working ladies under pressure with things that the struggling ladies cannot afford yet, but things that their big god bought for them... na God go deal with una. You are carrying a 4 million Naira bag, and you don't have a 200k monthly job. You are flying business and first class, private jet, yet you have no source of income. Your are living large. Just wait, from what I hear, LIRS is coming for you. You will soon begin to file your tax.

"Because you will soon receive a letter, "We write to congratulate you on your successes from LIRS. We would like to, however, inform you, that we are yet to receive your tax returns as demanded by law. Please walk into any of our offices, to regularise your tax standing. Once again thank you." Nothing wrong with having a big god. Just let the LIRS, thank him as well........... All of una eyes go soon clear. Putting innocent gez under pressure for what?" he wrote.

This is not the first time a celebrity will be bringing to notice this category of online extravagance being paraded by a particular set of ladies. Recall in 2018 when former reality TV girl turned media personality, Vimbai made a similar claim, it felt like she was sharing a particular table.

Vimbai wants female celebrities to stop lying about the source of their wealth to young ladies

Vimbai has definitely sparked off a conversation no one had the balls to talk about as she threw shade at some female celebrities who lie about the source of their wealth. The former reality T.V. star turned media personality took to her Instagram page on Monday, March 19, 2018, where she sort of called out some female celebrities who show off their wealth on social media which they got from their spouse and deceive young ladies about the source.

"If your expensive handbag is a gift, that's ok. If your first luxury car was a gift from hubby that's great. If you travel in luxury courtesy of bae that's cool too. If your talent is social media, embrace it and earn off it. BUT please stop lying to young girls about how hard you have worked, and giving terrible advice about how to build this or that and how to be successful in business or have a high flying career. STOP IT!!" she wrote.

At other times, some celebrities have also warned fans and followers to be wary of the kind of things they see on social media and not get deceived.

Source: Pulse.ng

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