Lifestyle: The Truth I Need To Know (Gift & Ability) – Apostle Favour Daini

Gift and Ability

Gift is like CV that can only qualify you for the Job interview

Ability or performance is what will qualify your gift to obtain the Job

Many contested for the throne of Queen along with Esther but ability or performance differentiate them

Attitude is your ability and performance that will qualify your gift to win the gift

When your gift lack the attitude of a good acts and reaction which is taken to be your ability and performance then your gift will loose at the interview stage

Eliab had the gift of kingship but he lacked the ability and performance which is attitude of reigning as a king

Many fishermen are with peter but peter was the only fisherman that had the good act and reaction which is patient of letting out his boat for the master to use

Ask yourself.. Can your gift be recommended for the next award and presentation

You know how to compose a good song and even use your good voice to sing it but anger and pride won’t allow you to present it well.

When your gift lacks the love of people then your gift can’t produce fruits of relevancy and appreciation

Many are gifted but many lacks ability to use gift to get people’s hearts and hands

No one will ever drink a fruits juice that is poison with poisonous substance no matter how thirsty one is

God will never market a gift that is proud and full of anger

God will never established a gift that is not loyal and humble

Work more on your ability to make your gift relevant and appreciated.


Written By Apostle Favour Daini

Source: 247gvibes.com 

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