For Women: 7 Important Things Men Wish You Knew About Relationships

"A man never appreciates a girl that's always asking and never gives,"

If you could teach women only one lesson about men and relationships, what would it be?
If you could sum up all your experiences and observations into one veritable lesson that you think women all over the world should know about men and relationship, what would you say?

After posing a similar question to young Nigerian women here and getting their opinions recorded here, we asked men, and here are some of the best responses gotten by Pulse.

1.  Men are not need-meeting machines

“Men are not robots. [We] also go through mood phases. I don't want to use the term mood swings. We have moments when we need just a weeny little space to figure stuff out.

“We also love being taken care of from time to time too, surprise the shii out of us every now and then.” – Toyin.

2.  Don't believe everything a man tells you

“My point is a lady should not be blinded by love to the extent that you take everything your man tells you hook line sinker, I'm not saying you should doubt your man all the time but be circumspect and probe anything you find suspicious.” – Nurudeen.

3. Patience is very very key

“I would tell the story of patience to every woman on men and relationships. A patient woman, who shies away from nagging would win her man over.

“The man - most times- is perceived as one who wants control and wants you to be submissive, meanwhile in real sense, all he wants is for you to respect him, love him and give him his due respect. If a woman can master patience, she would actually be in control while the man feels he's in control.

“A man honours the request of a patient woman more than the one who is impatient and consistently nagging.

“My wife appears feisty woman but in all, she would listen to all I want and my rant and would accept but calmly request she makes her case while I judge both and most times, I get to grant all her request and or merge our ideas together - most of which hers literally takes front burner and the family has always been good for it.” – Gbenga.

4. If he can’t talk about his future, run!

“Stay away from a man who's scared to talk about his future” – Osagie.

5.  It’s OK to ask for space

“Sometimes asking for breathing space is no big deal.” – Samson.

6. Give back. Don't just be about asking all the time

"A man never appreciates a girl that's always asking and never gives," says Dayo, before being corroborated by Ayomide who adds that; "Men are not ATMs"

7. Communication remains king

What’s left to add to these opinions is that communication remains an undisputable cornerstone to any happy relationship. If you’ll be happy in love or in a marriage, make sure you are asking your man all the questions that bug you and make sure you’re letting him know you’re feeling at all times.

Also men who do not know how to listen or express themselves are not advisable for you.

Source: Pulse Nigeria

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