5 Keys To A Healthy Sex Life In 2019

Especially if you had a bad sex year in 2018 and want better in 2019, the steps below will guide you there.

When it comes to satisfactory sex, the genders have always had one or two things to say about each other. Up till the end of 2018, women still complained of the scarcity of men who actually pay attention to their needs. That ever-existing need for foreplay still seems to be going largely unmet. They say many times, all men want to do is stick it in and get it over with.
Wham bam, thank you ma’am.

For men, the allegation levelled against women is that they are too reactive and not as spontaneous, adventurous or as involved in the act as they should be. They accuse women of wanting to get maximum pleasure from without giving much in return.

This is not to say there aren’t couples who have somehow managed to surge to a level of constant sexual satisfaction. For some couple, the sex is explosive every single time, all year long. Whether they have all the time in the world, or if they have to quickly get to it, the results are the same.

Becoming the couple that enjoys a blazing sex life is not really rocket science. You can get there, too. Especially if you had a bad sex year in 2018 and want better in 2019, the steps below will guide you there.

1.    Identify what the problem is

You will not know what to deal with if you do not find out why your sex life is not as great as you want it to be. For couples who once had it but lost it, finding out the cause of the downward spiral will be very important. Could the dead sex have come from deeper emotional disconnection? Identification of the problem is very necessary if you are going to move away from boring or an inexistent sex to sparks-creating magical love making at all times this year.

2.    Focus on healthy lifestyle habits

Exercise more, eat more healthily, drink more water and consume less alcohol. Get fit. Just concentrate on doing the right thing and getting your lifestyle habits on track. The healthier and better groomed you are, the better.

3.    Don’t let things get stale

No matter how long you’ve been together, make an effort to be seductive and keep your erotic connection fresh. Put some surprise into the relationship. Break the predictable pattern every so often. This can help keep desire alive.

4.    Keep an open mind

Pursue your fantasies, seek out your satisfaction, tell your partner what you want. Do not let always guess what pleases you. Be upfront about it at all times. If you want it, let them know that you want it.

5.    Chocolates and other aphrodisiacs

Experts say that dark chocolate has aphrodisiac powers. Tiger nuts and water melons are healthy foods that can give you a boost when you are in the mood.

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