Check out King Fally's Future Past Ep Tracklist & Press Release

Check out King Fally's Future Past Ep Tracklist & Press Release

Mamudu Umar Faruk widely known as “King Fally” becomes an emotional story teller in his debut 8 track project as he paints the vision of his Future telling stories of his Past…
He hopes to encourage the average young person in Africa and beyond through this project.
“Calm Down for Me” tells a story of him encourage the mother who had seen him through most part of his life and she’s still taking care of him after college (university) when he feels like most of his counterparts have figured out their lives and are chasing their dreams… A scenario that’s mostly common among African youth and single mum families.
“Born Equal” shares about our fingers being unequal… “All fingers are not equal…” heard that before right?
“Mama Raised A King” paints a better Future off his past as a reigning king now who has found his queen and living the dream life.
This project is about keeping faith and holding on… because your Future is built from your Past.

On a lighter note, you would hear a lot of “yash” in this project so Parental Guidance or recommended for listeners below 16 years of age.
King Fally made appreciating the African woman’s body figure a subject for most of the tracks in his work because he believes the African woman is beautiful whether they’re Africans or African Americans as depicted in “My American Girl”.
“Owonikoko” is the first single off the project with an amazing video directed by EAD (one of the best directors out of Africa followed up by “Kpokpomi” that tell the story of a controlling woman… Video coming soon.

The project features just 2 other artist – Rich Curry and Liquid who also happens to be the producer and sound engineer for the project. The project is supervised and managed by Silas OZOYA for Achar Records & Kampus Music.
“Future Past” would be an interesting listen for African and non Africans alike as it would expose a lot of African stories, new language and slangs to listeners.
See the cover and track list below.

This Ep Is Set To Drop On December 24th 2018 .. keep Anticipating as we await the best tune of the year.

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