I Want My Boyfriend To Sex Chat With Me , But He Refuses


I have always wondered why some guys do not want sex chat with their other counterpart. But, as i was going through some web pages online, i found a story so i decided to have it right here. This response was given by Bukky Sanni who is an associate content at Pulse. A writer, an ardent reader and a relationship expert.

Dear reader,

My boyfriend doesn’t sex me. But I have caught him sexing on chat sites. Why not with me and with strangers?

Dear reader,

I think the cause of this is one of two reasons.

First he could be feeling too uncomfortable to do that with you. He could also just be doing that to spite you. Whatever the case, I think you are right to feel a little angry about it.

If the relationship has just begun, it could be the explanation for why he does not feel comfortable with you enough… yet. If this is the case, then all you need is a little more time.

With time, he can overcome the shyness and the discomfort and begin to do more with you that require openness and a lot more freedom.

I think you should also talk to him and ask why he is doing with outsiders what he should be doing with you. I mean, he could be avoiding sexting with you because he fears that you do not like it or that you will begin to look at him some time of way.

If you assure him that it’s OK to sext you and that you are into it, he could direct that energy your way.

Communication almost always work.

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