Teaser: What Is Garri-turner Called In Nigerian Homes?

We asked our users what they called this device in their homes and we got some pretty interesting answers.

What is the garri-turner called in Nigerian homes?
This popular device is used in Nigerian kitchens. Though its uses range from cooking to flogging, its main use is for making eba.

Eba is a meal made out dried and processed ground cassava, garri. The garri-turner is actually a 'wooden spatula' to the rest of the world but due to its presence in Nigerian homes since genesis, Nigerians have come up with many monikers for it.

Our users gave us the names they call it in pidgin English and their many dialects. 

1. Turner garri

2. Eku

3. Omo Orogun

4. Werike

5. Ugbe eba

6. Ogbi garri

7. Okaha

8. Muciya

9. Abalaba

10. Efa

11. Otupe

12. Nkpara

Do you see your own name for it on the list? If not what do you call it?

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