Teaser: What Would Happen If Your Boyfriend Do Your Make Up

This Makeup Artist let her boyfriend do her makeup and you'd be surprised to see what happened.

This Nigerian Lady let her boyfriend do her makeup and he completely surprised everyone, including himself.

As we all know, this isn't the first time we are seeing beauty influencers hop on the #BoyfriendDoesMyMakeup tag or even the #BoyfriendDoesMyVoiceNote challenge, but this one is quite juicy.

Big shoutout to Oreoluwa Peters, a young Nigerian journalist who attempted to make up his girlfriend, Debola, who also happens to be a makeup artist herself.

For his first attempt, he nailed the "wedding guest" look with tame-ish eyeshadow and bold lips. He drew the brows on like a professional, concealing and highlighting the right places, before moving to do the transition colour and finishing shimmer for the eyeshadow, blending well into the creases. Winged eye-liner came next.

For coverage, he blended the foundation and concealer like his life depended on it, before finishing with highlighter and a setting spray. He was even able to fix in the eyebrows better than most.

The whole of Twitter went wild when he brought out the brush and edge control to do her edges — "Where do people find these types of men?" We want to know too.

Oreoluwa claims to have learnt from "observing her while she does for her clients’ a few times" and was shocked by the final look. So, what do you think? Did he nail it?

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