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It is very paramount for almost all business owners, brand promoters, digital marketers, tech guru and media influencer to have a medium through which disseminating of information or idea would reach a larger audience with the help of using our social media handle such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Google +, LinkedIn, Blogs and Web sites.

Let me take you down aisles....

I was going through my timeline on Instagram and I was notified that someone followed @tmichealsblog, immediately I switched my Chrome Browser to check who followed. I never knew the person was going to send a "direct message" not until I got a greeting saying "Hi" although the person didn't use a "display picture" but what I could see was that the profile had an image of "eyelashes". We exchanged greetings and we began a proper discussion, in fact, it was around past 1am in the midnight that we had the discussion.

Without a proper introduction, I knew I was chatting with a lady. She started her discussion by narrating how she started her business, although, what she has on her profile on Instagram was depicting that, she's an Entrepreneur and she is into"Lashes Business" (Distribution of eyelashes to clients in Lagos and across Nigeria). Having said that, she saw my profile being a blogger, a social media strategist, and a digital marketer so she asked if I can help her out with her small business.

I replied her messages one after the other but the one I was stocked with was the fact that she's not ready to let go off her lashes business. I asked her series of questions about marketing and how she has gone into the business world so far. She responded; "I've even run an Instagram Ads to let my lashes business reach a wider audience but it's not giving a positive response", "No clients who ordered for my products".

She, however, said, what can I do? I paused before I could give her my own reply, 5 minutes later, I told her that she should do everything possible to grow her business even if the turn out isn't much as she expected. What I learnt at that moment was that if you can't INVEST your time, INVEST money in your business to see if it is going to yield positive results.

Almost closing my eyes on the bed, it was past 2am. I quickly end the conversation on Instagram and we exchanged mobile number for better discussion.

In a nutshell, why I decided to share this was that, I've seen many individuals who have the ability to showcase what they've gotten to the world, but things are not just coming forth the way they wanted it.

"Always be enthusiastic about whatsoever you do to make a living"....

A Client Rocking Her Lens; 

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