Why Nigerian Top Artistes Should Raise Upcoming Artistes In The Music Industry

In Nigeria, Entertainment industry is one of the biggest sphere you can ever think of. The industry has a subdivision, where we have the Music Artistes, Nollywood Actors & Actresses, OAPs, Presenters, Hosts, Bloggers, Public Relations Officer, Dancer's, Graphics Designers to mention few.

As at today in Nigeria, as per the Music Industry, we have Top-leading artistes who had bagged Endorsement in so many years and also which brought fortune to them. I would say, if there wasn't "Music Industry" in Nigeria, possibly we might not even know those who have interest or passion for writing and singing songs.

A post on Facebook made me thought of posting it here on my blog, cause I could really feel the pain of most upcoming artistes in Nigeria who had spent a lot whenever they want to have their songs to reach a wider range.

The likes of Davido, Olamide, Wizkid, Tiwa Savage, Reminisce, Adekunle Gold and others have been doing so well in the Music Industry and I'll say you guys are really making we Nigerians proud, but there's a need for you all to take a look from where you started as "UPCOMING ARTISTE" whereby before you could record your first track, you as well spoke with the producer if he/she help that you're an "Upcoming Artiste".

Here's what I saw on Facebook;

Kindly help the FUTURE of those who truly have passion for doing music so as to make a living as well. 


  1. My brother, how many artiste dy wọn raise... U no knw the population of upcoming artiste ni

    1. Hmmmm... At least, there those who had pushed their music career to some extent were they also need helping hands too. Ain't talking about upcoming artiste who doesn't know how to sell himself out to the world. Most of them are Facebook and Instagram stars without getting the true definition of FAME