Foodie: What's The Difference Between Puff Puff & Buns

Don't you just hate it when you ask for puff puff and you get buns instead? Yes, there's an actual difference.

Twins, but not quite. Here are some quick differences between Puff Puff and Buns, Nigeria's favourite twin pastries.

Puff puff and buns are very similar, being that they are both balled-up pastry that is deep fried. They also have very similar ingredients.

However, they require different levels of skills to prepare. While Nigerian Buns is richer in flavour with crunchy exterior and pillowy insides, Puff Puff takes a more oily form, soft inside and out.

About Puff Puff

Puff puff is a deep fried, spongy street snack that is not peculiar to Nigeria. Known as Bofrot in Ghana, Mikate in Congo, Kala in Liberia and Mandazi in East and South Africa, it is a fun-filled snack for people of all ages. It is also a favourite when it comes to small chops at parties and events. In Nigeria, people have been known to make their puff puff with a twist, adding pepper, chocolate, fruits, and lots more. The process of making puff puff isn't a difficult one, as it has less ingredients and requires less of the level of mastery that buns does. Still, it is exciting in its own way.

To prepare puff puff, you need:


Yeast (the fast rising type)



Warm water

Vegetable oil

About Nigerian Buns

Buns is also a popular street food in Nigeria, with the difference being the addition of eggs, butter and milk to make it crunchy on the outside while pillowy-soft on the inside. Sometimes, they are called "Rock-hard Buns" due to how hard they are on the outside.

To prepare Nigerian buns, you would need:




Baking powder or yeast



Milk or water

Vegetable oil

So, which is your favourite in the Puff Puff vs Buns wars?

Source: Pulse NG 

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