Blogging: Why I Blog With My Smartphone

Blogging via smartphone is sometimes stressful cause you can't keep minimizing an application easily on your android device compared to a computer whereby you can navigate with ease.

Although, many bloggers around the world make use of their smartphone probably when they are far away from their computer or tired of sitting at the front of their computer.

Using a smartphone makes blogging more simple to me, cause whenever i start to write using the blogger application i feel comfortable a times but I'd prefer using my computer to blog cause i can easily navigate and also make comprehensive research on the topic i intend writing on.

More importantly, as a Nigerian blogger, we are sometimes pose with power supply challenges. For instance, i reside in Ogun State in Nigeria in a location where i won't mention cause it is rural area, but l have a lot of interest in blogging what i felt is worth sharing via my personal blog. When there's no power supply to put up my computer, i rather make use of my phone as a substitute.

Being a blogger requires 5 ingredients, which I've took cognizance of over the years. I started my blog 3 years ago while i was in school. Although, i wasn't consistent all because of class assignments, lectures, group work, projects to mention few towards my graduation as a National Diploma holder in Mass communication in a well-known Polytechnic in Nigeria, Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, also known as MAPOLY. I have colleagues who are tech savvy and also professors (smiles) so to speak. 

Meanwhile, before i could write this short piece, i made use of my smartphone (winks). It is usually cool most especially when i just woke up early in the morning...

5 Ingredients You Should Take Cognizance Of In Your Blogging Sphere

- Identifying your Niche. e.g Entertainment blog, Lifestyle blog, Sport, Music & Video, Tech & Gadget, Business blog etcetera
- A computer or a smartphone
- Power supply or an Inverter
- 24/7 internet
- Good usage of English language
- Consistency

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