5 Compliments Every Lady Wants To Hear From Her Guy

Compliments make a relationship more beautiful, and some compliments would make a woman feel loved. It is very obvious that men/women love compliments so as to keep their relationship waxing stronger and healthy. Although, men does a lot of compliments to make his woman feel loved and special to him.

Sometimes the best way to make a woman's day is by saying the right things and using the right words. Don't believe me?

Try this on your girlfriend once a while and see the mood change, if she's in a bad one that is. Or even otherwise, bestow her with kind words and a compliment once a while.

1. You are a strong woman

Telling a woman she's strong is really appreciated. There is a lot of truth in this though. Women may be a little more emotional than men but they're strong creatures that can endure hardships at any given day.

2. You are a wife material

Every woman loves to know she would make a good wife; you would hardly see a woman who doesn't want commitment from her man. As it would hurt her to know she would be a terrible wife is the same way it would please her to hear how wonderful she'd be as a wife.

3. You have a great body

No woman wants to be considered as fat, dry, shapeless and the lot. A woman can sometimes feel insecure about her body, but telling her how much you are in love with her body would thrill her mind.

4. I'm proud of you

Every woman loves to feel her efforts and feats are commendable. You can do that by saying things like, and I don't mean that in a patronizing way. I just mean that I think you are so impressive and admirable and accomplished and respectable.

5. You look lovely in that video

This is one of those compliments a woman never gets tired of hearing. When a woman dresses up, the first person she wants to compliment her is her man; when her dress sense is complimented, she feels more confident

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