What Did You Sacrificed For Your Partner? Do You Have Regrets

For about 3 years now, i've been in a relationship with my partner. We were incredibly compatible, completely in love, and wonderful collaborators. Although, we don't really see each other often and often, but we communicate effectivey via phone calls, text messages and chatting on social media. In fact, we share our daily encounters and challenge to each other to find a way by solving it before it gets out of what we both can't handle. 

During the past years spent with my partner, despite the fact that we are still together till date. In many ways of my life was preposterously happy, I felt love and supported, and simply put, i made her my priority.

Through the years, we both sacrificed "me" to become "we". Sometimes, we have indifferences with one another, but we can't just do without apologizing to ourselves before the next day. We actually don't know what awaits us, but we softly settle and feel loved. 

A sacrifice is, by definition, the giving up of something valuable. It implies a tough, mostly internal decision, perhaps an offering. We were not making a sacrifice as much as loving each other in the best way we knew how.

I've scarificed my time, idea, counselling, memes, untold secrets about me, my dreams, vision and aspiration. 

Well, i will say, i don't have regrets so far, i learnt that if you give up who you are there is no one left for the other person to love, and no one left to do the loving.

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