Why Your Opinion Should Be Different

Opinion is a belief a person or someone has formed into a topic or issue. As a matter of fact, people's opinions usually trap one's say over an issue. I know you'll what to ask why? The reason is that your opinion will always super cede other people's opinion despite convincing you to understand what they want you to do.

At place work, we kept deliberating on how to run a business successfully. I stated that; a grip of a one-man business and kill the business. What am I saying in essence? My boss seeks our opinion and every one of us spoke our minds to on how we felt about how we've missed a lot in the past one month.

I felt bad and unhappy all because we couldn't attain the task he has asked us to do, unfortunately, he stopped having discussions with us. He left us with someone who's capable of listening to our opinion and give it a thought before going back to the boss.

If you think, you can't speak for yourself why not try it before deliberating? I've come to realize that, no matter what you know if your opinions aren't well assumed and executed you might be missing a lot of things which may cost you years to retrieve.

Our politicians are business minded ones, in fact, their opinion is raking billions of naira into their accounts simply because that's their own opinion towards embezzling the nation's funds. If our leaders have done this, how much more do they expect from a citizen? Aftermath, they instruct Policemen, SARS, and other force body to arrest whosoever disobeys the rules and regulations as it is written in the constitution. You can't help your self if you don't choose your opinion as your striking pistol. Mind you, I am not writing nor referring to being biblical.

We all have freedom of speech as a citizen of this country. Be it your place of work, amidst friends, families, and folks. Let your opinion be different and clarify your stance in your decision making & taking.

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