What You Should Know About Sex Before Dating

Most people go into a relationship without having any slightest knowledge about sex. Often times, man or woman believes that they do understand why dating is important as to why sex is mandatory to keep the bond of the relationship stronger.
Whether as a man or woman, it is expected that you have a foreknowledge of sex and how to go about it in romantic relationships before getting into one.
In this article, we list all the things men should know before going into a relationship with any woman.

And not to worry; even if you are dating already, this knowledge is still useful to you.

1. Consent is everything

Guys, the most important thing to note in this mini sex education is that no is always no. It is not a coded word for yes. Despite the fact that many guys still don't want to understand why their lady tells them "NO" on the bed might probably have reasons for such. In some cases, guys will be angry and upset when responses like this come up between you and your partner.

When she says no, leave her alone even if you know she's used to playing games. Rape accusations are not what you want to joke with. When a lady tells you "NO", take it as "NO".

2. Dating is not equaled permission for sex

All relationships are not sexual. Some people prefer to practice celibacy. So always ask before beginning the relationship if you are the type to whom sex means a lot.
That she agrees to be your girlfriend or fiancée is no agreement to have sex with you.

3. You don't need to date to get sex

On the flipside, sex can be gotten outside of a 'traditional' relationship. People have different forms of sex-based agreements these days anyway, so just as dating won't necessarily guarantee sex, sex can as well happen without dating.

4. Women first

As a rule, always put your woman first during sex. If she's not satisfied and you are, you can't be too happy that you did right in that session.

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