General Hospitals In Nigeria Are Not Worth It

It is so sad that general hospitals in Nigeria are not worth it when it comes to the aspect of taking health-related issue as a paramount responsibility. But, unfortunately, many individuals who are diagnosed at times travel out of the country to take proper care of their health.

It is so pathetic that even our leaders who think they are providing the amenities needed by the citizens whereas they are playing political games without taxes, civil right, and freedom. Who can tell? Constructing good roads, bridges, and all sort, can it bring good living? when there are no facilities that can guarantee our health surety.

Pay a visit to any of the General hospitals in the country and you will see for yourself the pathetic condition in which Nigerians are being treated in their own country.

I have heard stories of how patients on admission are placed on a drip on the corridors of the hospitals.

Sometimes they are made to lie on worn-out mattresses. Such patients are left at the mercy of the elements and disease-carrying parasites like mosquitoes that feast on them.

A lot of people are dying as a result of this. It shows that the health sector is in dire need of attention from the Federal Government.

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