Easiest Way To Make Use Of Instagram Poll Features

Of course, Instagram users like me enjoy the new features Instagram integrates daily which are lovely!. When Instagram Inc keeps rolling out features that make Instagram more fascinating and exciting, in fact, it makes people go crazy a lot. Here is a feature on Instagram which is the "poll feature" where you can post a question and give a polling option.

You are waiting to ask what benefit will you get after doing??? Well, we will get to know other people's view, feedback on what so ever you want. I hope my response is cool?
Here is how you can create your own poll on your story. Follow the below steps!!

Step 1:
Since this can be used only in an insta story.. you need to create an insta story first. Be it be a picture or written text. To make it more eye catchy you can even add stickers, use different text on the picture.

Step 2:
Once you are done with the picture, on the top right, you can see a square-shaped smiley. Click on that.

Step 3:
Then you will get to see different options like location, Temperature, Time, #hashtag, POLL, GIF, Rating and weekday.
I think you know what to do now.. Just click on that poll option.

Step 4:
You will get to see a poll box option for writing your question with YES and NO options. Type your creative question and customize your options as per your questions other than YES/NO.

Step 5:
You can even move the poll box all over your image and place it accordingly. click on the done option and share your story to your followers per your wish.
Where to monitor the responses? Is that the question running through your mind? I will answer that too.

Step 6:
See to that your push notifications are enabled so that Instagram can send you notifications whenever anybody answers your poll.
Else, when you go to your story, You can see an option like viewers list on the left end corner at the bottom. Once you click on it, post analytics opens up!!

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