DIY: How To Make Our Own Starch

Starch is an odourless, tasteless white substance occurring widely in plant tissue and obtained chiefly from cereals and potatoes. It is also a powder or spray made from starch and used before ironing to stiffen fabric or clothing.

However, in Nigeria starch serves as a source of sugar in our diet. Also, it is the extract we use in making “fufu”.


Cassava tubers



1. Peel the cassava tubers, cut into small pieces and rinse with water.

2. Blend using as little water as possible.

3. Separate the chaff from the cassava blend using a chiffon cloth. Rinse with water until all the starch has been washed off the chaff.

4. Leave the starch in a bowl to settle. When settled, decant the clear water and pour the watery starch into a muslin bag.

5. Tie up the muslin bag and leave for the remaining water to drain.

6. When the starch is solid, it is ready to be used.

Store in the freezer.

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