5 Questions You Should Not Ask Women During Sex

Communication has been well established as the bedrock of successful marriages and relationships.

Sometimes it motivates so many of the decisions we make in our lives, we certainly tend to do a bad job at it more often than not. For every great sex story we have, there are probably several others that we’d rather forget. To help you on your naked adventures and hopefully prevent some awkward situations with future partners, here are five questions you should never, under any circumstance, ask during sex.

Couples are rightly advised to be comfortable with each other to the point of being able to talk about everything, anywhere at any time.

This rule only has a slight modification and it is that during sex, your ability to communicate needs to be tempered so as to not kill the mood. So you actually can speak, but not about everything.

1. Are you cumming?

Speaking as a guest which was hosted by Awosanwo Oluwatosin explains that women don’t like it when men ask this particular question during sex.

According to her, instead of preoccupying yourself with this thought, “just keep doing what you are doing and when [your woman] gets ‘there’, you will know.”

On the other hand, she says, men could actually be pardoned for asking this because most women are yet to develop the confidence act of actually discussing what they like with their partners, and without this, men can’t really be blamed for wanting to know if they are getting things right or not.

2. Who’s your daddy?

Expressing an opinion on why guys should avoid asking this question during this sex, Inemesit says “I get the whole BDSM angle to the question but if I’m [being shagged] by someone and he asks ‘who’s your daddy?’ the first thought that comes to my mind is my father, and that’s not who I want to be talking about when having sex.” Don’t ask who her daddy is. She knows it’s not you.

3. Don’t ask questions about your size

“Is my size what you are used to?” “Do you think I’m big enough?”

Women are turned off by questions of this nature and would rather have you stay off the subject during sex so as not to dampen the mood.

4. Can you tell if it’s in yet?

What sort of sticky bog have you two created down there that would require you to ask her if she can tell if it’s in yet? What external part of this poor young lady’s body are you ramming into that you’re mistaking for her lady parts? A great way to get the answer is just by looking down. Surprise! You just made love to the bend of her knee.

5. Sorry

While having sex, it is very challenging to utter “sorry” during the act. Sorry has nothing to do with pleasure. Although, it hurts, takes your strength, and you definitely give in at all cost. So, therefore, avoid saying “sorry”.

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