5 Google Tricks For Better Search Results

Search Giant Google used several times in a day to make your life easy but sometimes you search anything that you like to find but as such you cant get a result you are looking for.

So here are 5 Google Tricks to help maximize and improve your Google search results.

1- Related: Query

If you’re looking for websites that are related to a specific site, you can use ‘related:’ For example Site:comparegadgets.net

2 – Link: Query

You can find sites that have linked to a specific URL through ‘link:’

3 - Double Full Stop

Use a double full stop between two numbers to convey ranges. This is handy for pricing, dates, and measurements.

4 – Tilde
Use a tilde before a word to include all of its synonyms. For Example Marvel Studios ~Presents

5 – Quotation Marks
Use quotation “” marks to search an exact set of words.

Source: Compare Gadgets

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