Ways To Make Money On Whatsapp In 2018

I believe a lot of people are looking for ways and means to make money online, then you think of making money using WhatsApp, Obviously, you are in the best place.

Now let get this done
Have tried different ways to make this happen and I found out a way in which am going to touch in this article, keep reading and follow the steps am going to give in MAKING MONEY ON WHATSAPP

There are many of the simplest ways to earn money from WhatsApp especially for those who are very keen to use WhatsApp to meet end needs and for those who are using WhatsApp without getting any profit now just chill and enjoy more because now you can use WhatsApp to earn money.

And to those who are not using WhatsApp, this is a good news for them as well that you can earn money from WhatsApp.

Earn money on short links

The idea is simple, you’re going to Earn money on short links. Make short links and earn real money ,
1. you just have to register
2. send them visits By Using URL shortening website is a very imperative tool for making money through WhatsApp.
You would be paid money, once you get a click on the link. Basically, their services which allow the users to shorten any website URL. Shorte.st is also a kind of which allow the user to shorten the link.

Once you register, explore exciting materials such as viral videos, article, and news. People like such content and love to click on such link.

Now you have interesting content, so shorten it through

Earn money on short links. Make short links and earn the biggest money and Next you have to share it with your WhatsApp contact and other groups. You will be given money for each click on your content.

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