Instagram Now Lets You Re-Share Posts to Stories

Instagram just made it easier to share and highlight in stories the pictures and videos you see in your feed.

You can now share someone else’s Instagram post to your own story, Instagram announced on Thursday. The new re-sharing feature also allows you to add your own commentary and tag others in the shared Instagram post.

To share the post to your Instagram story, you can tap the paper plane icon, similar to how you would send a post through a direct message. Now, instead of just being able to share it with your friends, there will be a new option to share the post directly to your Instagram story. The original Instagram post now becomes a sticker you can use with a customized background.

Instagram will also let you rotate, resize and move the sticker around before posting it to your story. The option also allows anyone looking at your story to see the original poster’s username and go to their Instagram page.

For privacy, there is a limit on the new feature. You can only re-share posts from a public Instagram account. There’s also an option to opt out of the feature if you don’t want other people to share your posts in their Instagram stories.

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