“If I Don’t Have A baby, I Will Proudly Adopt” – Linda Ikeji

For about a few days ago, there has been an internet hullabaloo about Top Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji who had really made headways in her media pursuit. Although, being a media personality, she has claimed to be a woman of herself whose aim is to be a successful entrepreneur rather than going into any relationship.

In fact, it was leaked months ago that Linda Ikeji was engaged, although her younger sister, Laura Ikeji probably made that as a stunt to make such as the “discussion of the month”.

However, there have been controversies about her using a baby bump and claimed to be pregnant. To the extent that a lot of her followers on her Instagram handle reacted to this. Blogs, Online TV, and other media platform broadcasted it and it began to span.

Kemi Olunloyo, a controversial journalist, stated that her pregnancy was “fake”

Ikeji revealed her six-month-old baby bump on Sunday with a lengthy emotional post, chronicling her journey and her excitement when she found out she was pregnant.

Reacting, Kemi Olunloyo on her Instagram accused Linda of wearing a prosthetic bump. She said Ikeji was neither engaged nor pregnant.

However, Linda in a post addressing Kemi Olunoyo’s claim queried why someone who she helped while in prison could utter false claims about her pregnancy.

She noted that she would have openly adopted a child if she was unable to conceive contrary to reports.

According to her ”Here’s the next thing I want to address. Most of the people who know me will tell you that I have a heart of gold and maybe that’s why God never stops blessing me. This woman (you know who…lol) has been trolling me for years and calling me all sorts of unprintable names which I have never responded to. But when she cried out for help last year, despite the abuses I’ve gotten from her, I sent money to her account.

She wrote that I am wearing a prosthetic baby bump…lol. Like I could get away with that in Nigeria? And some folks actually believe it…lol. If I couldn’t have a child, I would proudly adopt. Proudly. I love children so much. But fortunately, God blessed me with a womb to carry my own child.

”I was just hiding the baby bump until I got to my second trimester before letting you amazing people know. I could have continued hiding it, to be honest, but I just couldn’t keep calm…lol. I’ve had the easiest pregnancy with no swelling and no issues and I thank God.”

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