EATERY: Why Dimino Pizza Will Not Be Able To Make It Big In Abeokuta

Eatery and Bar has always been the major booming market in Abeokuta metropolis.

Recently, I was studying the eatery market especially with the newly established eatery of Domino's Pizza situated at Post Office, Ita Eko.

Domino Pizza was, however, launched and thus it attracted a lot of consumers having got good ambience, well structured buildings, good atmosphere, nice customers service, closer to the nearest bus stop/markets (Panseke/Omida), alike closer to competitors (Tantalizer, Mr Biggs, Super foods, Sweet sensation, Big Treat e. t. c.

Having passed through the environs of Dimon's Pizza this week, it was observed that they have begun to have shortage of customers patronage die to their 'Skimming Pricing Strategy' (High Cost of Price).

My fellow Marketing experts, do you think this Organization can survive in this market at the long run of they persist increase in their price of goods putting into consideration the decline of (Mr Biggs & Tantalizer).

Meanwhile, having considered that the construction of Shoprite is in progress at the Oke-ilewo.

What advice or strategies will you give to the Management of Domino Pizza

Written by - Ogunbiyi Ahmed 

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