5 Tips To Write A Genuine Article

With a title like this, I know very much that internet marketers and bloggers might probably see this as something they’ve read over time and being that they’ve consumed many articles related to this, but there are things we do and still don’t get it right.

Despite the fact that, there are only few internets marketers who take their time to write unique contents on their websites or blogs, yet there are some individual who claims to understand the basics of a blog post but couldn’t write for their blog(s) but rather do the “Copying & Pasting” style.

 An average marketer spends between 60 and 90 minutes crafting a 500-word blog post. That’s a lot of time spent on just one shorter-than-average post. All that time can easily go to waste if the post doesn’t drive traffic and no one is reading it.

Before dedicating yourself to writing a blog post, there are tips to make sure you’re heading in the right direction.

1. Avoid Promotion

The first rule of blogging is to avoid “self-promotion” either promoting a brand or a product on your blog. Although, promotion is a form of advertising so as to earn from your website or blog. With unique contents, possibilities are that you will have big brands to partner with your website or blog. “Avoid Promotion” in the sense that, you don’t promote stuff that will add no value to your readers. Probably, a friend asked you to mention his/her on your blog and you decided to render such services because you have been paid for the services which at all cost you must render. You may not realize it at the time, but direct promotion in a blog is obvious to nearly everyone. Do yourself and your brand a huge favor, and make your posts have great content. A lack of promotion is always the best promotion.

2. Use Visuals

Pictures, infographics, videos are part of the ingredients “so to speak” that attracts a reader to your blog. Content these days can be so much more than just words on a page. Yes, it takes more time to put together great visuals with a contextual post, but when done right, the ROI can be astronomical. A wrote a blog post some months ago and to my greatest surprise, it ranked on Google Search Engine. It drove some decent traffic, but a colleague of mine took that exact same content and put it into an amazing infographic and it literally put his name on the map. Visuals really can make or break your content.

3. Use examples

See what I did above with that colleague of mine? Use examples. Your opinion is valuable, but life experiences and real-world examples are priceless. Try to back up your writing by citing sources, using case studies, quoting experts and using as many types of examples as you can. It will help establish authority for you, your post and your brand.

4. Personalize your posts

Everyone has a unique writing style. Even in media houses today, they make use of writing style to suit their readers in a way they won’t get bored or tired of their writing skill. We have clients we work with on digital marketing campaigns who don’t want to touch their content, so we have one of our writers write it for them. We have some pretty amazing writers, but the content is never as great as if it were to come directly from the horse’s mouth. Even if you don’t have time to write all your own content, at least spend 10-15 minutes personalizing it. Add your personal flair. Establish your brand. Those little touches will make your content that much more readable and valuable to your readers.

5. Format properly

No one is going to read a post without headings, organization, and order. If you struggle with organizing your posts and having them flow naturally, then start with an outline or bullet points of what you want to cover, and make those topics into headings to help make the post flow. People, more often than not, will skim your post and just read the major headings, so make sure they are accurate and interesting.

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