10 Reasons A Wife Does Not Want To Have Sex

Having read about marriage ties, relationship and friendship, it is noteworthy to know that Sex in marriages is an integral scenario which you can’t ignore.

Many times, I do ask questions about “Being in a relationship for about 6-7 years without SEX which connotatively means “No sex until Marriage”. Yes, No Sex, but in the long run it gets whilst that the man couldn’t hold it any longer, he wants SEX so as to keep his hormonal balances.

A woman would rather want to satisfy a man without letting him go offshore with her. Immediately, she gives in to sex, it now becomes what he wants everyday and anytime.

You see, I personally do not believe that any new bride had intentions of avoiding or depriving her man of sex when she said yes to his marriage proposal. But something has happened in their marriage. There is a breakdown of some sort that is causing her to turn away from being intimate with him.

1. Her husband is rude.

Now, what woman in her right mind, would want to get naked and sleep with an insensitive, self- centred, and rude man? Quite frankly, a woman did not walk down the aisle to marry a man like that, and I can reckon most wives didn’t either.

2. He treats her more like a child rather than his wife.

It is proper to know how your woman feels about you at times. Most times, bitterness has grown in her heart towards him and could actually make her stay away from any form of intercourse.

3. She’s lost respect for him for a number of reasons.

Women don’t respect a man who is a poor decision maker, father, money manager, lazy worker, doesn’t deal with conflict, is afraid to deal with extended family problems, etc.

You as a man should constantly checkout on yourself what field you are lacking off in your duties as a man.

 4. She no longer trusts him.

A woman could lose trust in a man with the belief of maybe he’s gotten into pornography or had an external affair.

5. Take time to understand what your woman for in a relationship and make sure her needs are clearly expressed.

6. She’s no longer physically attracted to him. Or he may have poor hygiene, and she’s turned off by him.

7. He only has sex with her so he can physically satisfy himself. Therefore, sex is not enjoyable to her.

8. Because of how he treats her or how she views him, she feels emotionally disconnected from him.

Outside of the man taking a shower and brushing his teeth, there are no quick fixes to the other issues. Lots of prayers, conversations with your husband, as well as some guidelines are needed to help you deal with many of these problems.

9. She’s stressed and or worried. Family and or financial problems consume her mind, so she’s not in the mood.

10. She’s mentally exhausted.

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