Use Getty Video To Download Easily From YouTube, Instagram, Others

It is a good news i have for you today. Guess what? It is all about GETTY VIDEO. I know very much that majority of us might come across a video online either on Facebook, Instagram or Google + and we would want to have it on our devices or laptops, but, you couldn't all because you streamed online. I also stream videos online to watch, but it's cool when you have it on your device. Now, here is solution to that; For Example: You are streaming a Video on YouTube but you can't download it, Getty Video will help get rid of that hassles. Trust me, It is 100% FREE ONLINE DOWNLOADER.

  • "Select" or "Search" a video of your choice
  • Click on the video you want to watch 
  • If you are using a browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera Mini, or Ucweb. Note this: Immediately after you have selected the video of your choice, watch closely after you have opened the video. Now, check the link tab, you will see something like this; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSDU0rQQSA0 mind you, i am only using this as an example.
  • Remember each video as a directory link

Check Below:

  • What next? Paste the code and click the yellow icon "SEARCH"
  • You will get "Options" in the next page to choose the format and the video quality.
  • Download videos in the following formats MP4, AVI, MP3, WEBM, 3GP. 
 That's all. Enjoy it while it lasts... Kindly make use of the comment box if you don't understand.