Daddy Freeze pummels Chimamanda Adichie over her Hilary Clinton remarks

Daddy Freeze pummels Chimamanda Adichie over her Hilary Clinton remarks 

Daddy Freeze has hammered eminent author, Chimamanda Adichie.

The essayist had gotten out Hillary Clinton for utilizing "Spouse, mother and grandma" on her Twitter bio as opposed to beginning it with ex-Senator, ex-Secretary of State and previous presidential hopeful.

Daddy Freeze discovered this disillusioning, hence pummeled the author in another post.

Utilizing previous U.S.A president, Obama's Twitter bio as a kind of perspective, he composed;

Dear Chimamanda, I used to be an immense fan until the point when I read your meeting with Hillary Clinton.

Presently I'm some place in the vesica pisces, torn between the huge regard I had for the nature of your work and outrage for what you are starting to shake.

Give me a chance to set the record straight, I am not an enthusiast of Hillary Clinton, so I'm not bouncing in as her gatekeeper heavenly attendant. Truly, I totally can't help contradicting the vast majority of the choices she took while in office.

Other than this notwithstanding, lady to lady, what Hillary has accomplished, as I would see it, you NEVER CAN, 'no be beans', so you recommending how she ought to be tended to is the thing that we Yorubas call 'Iwosi'.

Indeed, even Obama alludes to himself as a father in the first place, spouse second, so what's your point precisely? For what reason can't Hillary be tended to as spouse initially, on the off chance that she so picks?

Could your articulations originate from insufficiencies you have to take care of? You should seriously mull over examining this.

Presently, let me caution you, there are no isolating powers more noteworthy than shading, race, sexual orientation and clan. These elements keep on ensuring mankind stays isolated. This table you are shaking has tremendous results even you didn't can anticipate.

Individuals have been throughout the most recent two years, encouraging me to lecture about Jesus being dark and I never have, do you know why? Since I DONT CARE ABOUT HIS COLOR, it's immaterial, I think about HIS MESSAGE!

In a similar vein, I tail you basic in light of your message, NOT BECAUSE OF YOUR GENDER OR COLOR OR TRIBE. So sympathetically maintain the attention on the message, which as I would see it is incredible.

Try not to deface it by outlining yourself into a 'sexual orientation', unless obviously you are utilizing this as a promoting device, which, please try to remain cautioned, has its own particular repercussions! ~FRZ


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