5 Tips To Become A Successful Music Artist In Nigeria

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It could be rarely overlooked in recent times that song has moved from the usage of easy lyrics to words that doesn't exist in the dictionary. music promoters, media publicist, media specialists and show organizers has given us an insight as to what sells in Nigeria.

With the lyrics being dished out this days by using Nigerian artists, it might be hard competing with their foreign counterparts who spills better lyrics.

Below are 5 easy steps to follow if you want to become a successful artiste in Nigeria.

1. Quality is essential

Quality is presumably the most essential part of your music. Most upcoming artists have no clue about quality. Their rhymes are crappy, overall, their music doesn’t sound professional. The most straightforward approach to standout and make a genuine impression is to venture up and handle your sound quality.

Get yourself a studio with an average condenser microphone, a superior sound card and find someone that will mix and master your song, at any rate, it can be semi-professionally. If you sound professional, individuals will think you are proficient. This single step will put you in front of most other upcoming artists in this lane.

2. Keep fit as a fiddle

You can’t be looking like the old Rick Ross and expect your female fans should value and appreciate you. To throw out your shirt while performing on stage, you should have the right 6packs (Not hungry ones) the right packs like that of Iyanya, D’banj, Peter and Paul Okoye.

If you are a female artiste, you have to shed off those undesirable fats around your stomach and save it for your hips and bust since this is the thing that Nigerian men love and you will need it for photo and video shoots.

3. Hit the headlines (Controversy)

Being in the news is critical! Do what it takes to hit the headline like having baby mamas, have a few tattoos or on the other hand date two well known famous people, begin a twitter battle by dissing another celeb or discharge a horrendous song, or have a groupie take
a photo of you in bed while you pretend to be asleep.

Note: Please follow these suggestions at your own risk, Moremusic.ng does not support awful conducts.

4. Carve a Niche for yourself

We have seen artistes carving out a niche for themselves. Olamide gave us “Baddo”, Dbanj owns “Kokolet, Labata, Lebete, Eja nla et cetera” while 2baba never neglects to remind us that “Nothing dey

You can just think something unique and make it yours!

5. Feature a Well-Known Artiste

Get on a song with a well known artist that will probably make your song reach wider audience. Mostly, upcoming artist are afraid doing this, they believe that it’s impossible.

Nothing will help boost your credibility more than a collabo with well known artiste. Presumably, this is the best way to stand out.

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