5 Things You Should Never Do If You Caught Your Partner Cheating

1.  Get violent

Being cheated on is not grounds for getting violent with your partner. Most women when they are angry will destroy stuff- scatter the house, break plates, destroy the man’s personal properties but this is not too good.

It is enough heartbreak that your partner did not turn out to be deserving of your trust and affection as you thought they were. Don’t lose your freedom because of them. The violence of any sort is never acceptable and resorting to that will leave you full of nothing but regret.

2.  Make a public scene

Causing a public scene either by fighting or screaming or something else will be embarrassing for you and you do not need that, no matter how fragile you are.

Not because the cheating person deserves any pity or cover up but we advise this because it is something you’d forever regret when you are calm enough to think things through.

It is better to walk away from that scene of discovery and plot your next move without drawing the attention of a crowd. You can still retaliate but why not do this in a classy way.

3. Reveal secrets

Yes, we know you are hurt and your emotions raw but please and please, do not be tempted to reveal secrets told you in love and trust. No matter the position you caught your partner, refrain from divulging secrets about them- you can never tell how this will bounce back to haunt you.

4. Leak nudes

You guys got naughty and did a couple of sex videos or even took shots of yourself naked, then you catch him with the lady he claimed was his cousin- Yes, we know how it happens but it is still not enough reason to leak his nudes. Consider if the tables were turned, would you like it?

5. Find a Trusted Friend to Talk to—Be Very Careful in Your Selection

You need a friend that you can be real with on every level. Choose this person carefully. Make sure they are a good listener, level-headed, and insightful. It will be easy to gravitate to the guy who will bash your wife. You don’t need that guy. You need the one that helps bring sober clarity.

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