LIFESTYLE: Don't Compare Yourself With Others

After reading this and you still swim under the influence of comparison, then your mind is not yet transformed by the renewing of God’s word. Before reading I want to acknowledge Mr. Emmanuel Olatunji Ega whose passion for being yourself has influenced me and has made me write this short but powerful piece.
Of recent, I have come to see the comparison as a curse. You know why? It limits one to break forth for success and it also makes one see him or herself as somebody inferior. So terrifying.
Comparison is a curse. When you try to be like others you definitely end up like others. You know why? Your end is quite different from others. Some individuals are out there with great abilities, gifts, and talents but never utilize because of the curse of comparison. They are busy comparing themselves with someone else’s. The holy book made us understand that those who compare themselves with themselves are fools. Fools are those who don’t know who they are and don’t know what they carry.
See something, If you know how to speak or write. And in your city, there are top 50 motivational speakers or top writers and you start comparing, you will see yourself being in the same spot. It is only you that have that uniqueness that others don’t have. God specially created that uniqueness in you. It is only you that understand your mistakes, lessons, and experience. So get started. It might be raw. Just get started and never compare.
One that makes me jump for joy and makes me know that one day I will become the best renowned Global motivational speaker and leadership strategist and consultant is because the Bible says "The gift of a man will maketh a way for him and he will stand before great men and not just mere men” Wow!!!!!!! Isn’t that wonderful? Still, the same Bible says “The gift of man seems right for him” God has designed you differently from others. you are different from the packs and crowd. Why then be like others. The meaning of designs means how it works. How your life works are different from how other life works. That is the understanding of God.
Are reading this and you are scared of launching out your gifts because you get stuck with other people’s gifts or you get yourself by comparing others. Stop there! I say stop thinking that way. Don’t think what people will say. People will surely say. Just get along with your gift. Launch in the deep. Like I said just get started. God has embedded in you gifts that differ from others. When you get to start you know what will happens, God will order your steps because you are responding to your God-given ability.
Successful people are people who have deleted comparison from their dictionary and said to themselves that “I am born for this”This is what I am called for” Add skills to your ability. Very important. Or you are sacred that will I really make it or make something worthwhile out of my passion. Your passion is your treasure. God’s word says “You will stand before getting men and not just mere men” You know what that means you will stand to be celebrated. You will be successful. Yes, you will. Give it a try and see. Gods word says “Try and see if I will not open the windows of heaven” However you must respond to your ability. Or you are sacred. Gods word still says” For God has not given you the spirit of fear, but of love, power and sound mind” Isn’t it enough for you to stop comparing.
There is something in you that others don’t have. Get that! Even if they have, your uniqueness is big and far different from others/them. Therefore use your energy(Ability, gift, and talent) to perfect your game and not someone else’s. STOP COMPARING!!!!!!!!
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Credit: Joseph Theophilus

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