INTERVIEW: My Dad Bought Me A Desktop Computer In 2014 To Start Producing Songs - DJ Bammy

I have said it in a post of mine on Facebook that I will be sharing with you Youths/Entrepreneurs who has Talent and Enthusiasm for whatsoever they do for a living, likewise those who explore theirs to the world without looking aimlessly. Wow! It's cool to interview DJ BAMMY has people do call him on street, he's a producer & a Disc Jockey. Let's give it a KISS; Keep It Short & Simple! 

Question: Let people meet you and tell us your background? Kindly give a detailed feedback.

Ans: Am Honored To Be Part Of This. Hmmmm..
I Am Felix Emmanuel Bamidele. From A Family Of Three.

Question: Can you briefly tell us about your educational status/background?

Ans: Went to chosen Private School, Studied Computer Science At DS Adegbenro ICT Polytechnic.

Question: What are your hobbies?

Ans: Got Alot but Music IsDa First Thing

Ans: I Love Listening To Sounds, Manipulating Sounds, Creating New Ones, Exploring New Things & Interrogation

Question: Tell us about how the journey as been so far as a DJ & a Music producer? What's your Motive?

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Ans: I am A Disc Jockey And A Music Producer. It Hasn't Been So Easy. But Everything Started from being a DIsc Jockey

Question: How did you learn to become a Disc Jockey? Was it passion or what!

Ans: In the Year 2014, I Had This Big Passion For music as at den. So i asked ma dad to get me a Desktop Computer. Although I Played with it for somtyms buh didn't discovered something serious. Later, i learnt it officially at Ilaro when I went for my Post UTME. 

Question: How has your growing up influenced your choice of career?

Ans: Things I see Boosted My Zeal.
Cos I Discover that I  Live In An Environment That Lack And Requires Back to Back Entertainment.  So I was Really Inspired And Through Me Other People To Where.

Question: Requires Back to Back Entertainment! Can't you please shed light on this?

Ans: I Live In A Kind Of Rural and Underdeveloped Place. So people Who Lived there are people That Values Music To It Fullest But Can't Get It easily. If They wanna Organize a party. They Move into the Urban Areas B4 They Get a Dj Whether He is Standard Or Not

Question: What challenged you into starting your career in spite of what’s happening around us?

Ans: The Fire 🔥 In Me. And Negligence i get from other Studio Producers

Ans: Who is/ are your role model(s)?

Ans: Just KrizBeat, As per music Pro.  Dj Spinall As per Disc Jockeying

Question: What’s your advice to young and up coming DJ & Music producer ?

Ans: Just Be Consistent Ooo.
Build Up Yourself In Any Way You Can.. Always Try To Do what Would Burst People's Brain.

Response: Thanks for your feedbacks! We really appreciate it.

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