The Functioning Power of Personal Development

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To the glory of God my life has been progressing. My life last year is not the same this year, despite the fact we have not come to the close of this year. My life has experienced tremendous turn around. The secret to this success is nothing more to Personal Development. 

Virtually all of us might have heard about the word Personal Development, but I will giving another dimensional truth about Personal Development in this piece. 

The real meaning of personal development is purpose development. What is the essence of personal development without first understanding the place of clarity and direction. Clarity and direction has been one of the major cause of human depression and rejection. Clarity and direction comes from the place of purpose.

Most people having heard about personal development and it joyful success secrets they quickly jump into it. And when they finally jump into it they are frustrated. The problem is not about the personal development but the problem is not understanding the place of purpose for your life.

Before personal development could operate you must first understand your super function. Your super function is your big purpose. I said big because your life purpose is greater than you. You must first answer the question of WHY am I created?. Why am I here?. What am I called to do?. What is why design?. How can I understand and discover my life purpose?. 

Personal in development means first understanding your life first. Personal is not my satisfaction. It is people's satisfaction. Personal there means the particular problem you were created to solve. There is a particular gap you are called to filled. This stage is called the discovery stage. Discovery stage is not enough. Soonest I will be launching my new book on purpose which talks about your drive for humanity. In this new book I emphasized on the fact that discovery stage is not enough. You don't discover alone you also develop. That is where personal development comes in. But the discovery stage is very important. 

You must not go into personal development if you know it won't add value to you. You can only know if it will add value by first understanding your WHY. Your WHY is what answers the question if it will truly add value to you or not. It is not possible to give out what you don't have. Also don't go into personal development if you are not passionate about the development. The reason why I want to develop myself into Public Speaking is because I have so much passion for it. Because I have so much passion for it, it therefore creates value and the outcome of my value automatically creates wealth for me. Why? I first understood the place of my life assignment, integrated it together with my talents. Grew beyond talents (personal development) and it added value to my life and it also created value for humanity (What I passed through in the training I am able to utilise them for the benefit of humanity) and if finally created wealth for me.

What is the essence of personal development when it is purpose inclined. What is the Essence of personal development when it is not purpose driven. Why will you buy a car without first understanding your WHY of buying.. If you can't answer the why, hey! Don't buy. Comparison comes with destruction. Personal development without first beginning to answer the question of why, you explode. 

You can't give what you don't have. Your level of input determines your level of output. What you inject to your life is first of all determined by the level of understanding your life purpose and design first. Little wonder people are only busy with activity that is not producing any sense of productivity. Do you know that it is your life purpose that produces every other things. See ye the place of purpose and every other things of recognition is added unto you. 

Understand your drive first before you begin to drive. The bitter truth of the whole matter is that many people want to find their race in the crowd, they therefore jump into any how development or investment. You don't invest into something that won't bring value to your life. It is about initiative. Initiative is first builded in the place of purpose. 

Purposive living is sweet
 It helps you to move beyond your currently level. Without purpose there can't be development. Africa will only experience that productive development by first understanding the place of cooperate why. 

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I believe this short piece has added greatly to your life. 

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