Marriage Lessons You’ll Learn From Your First Year Of Being Married

The months leading up to your wedding are probably some of the most stressful and exciting months you’ll have. You’ll devote your time to ensuring you have the perfect wedding that you’ll give little or no thought to the marriage: the lessons you’ll learn when the reality hits you after the glitz of your wedding.

Too often, couples have to face the harsh reality of married life. When the excitement fades, you’ll have to handle and manage the day to day of being responsible for a household. The pressure builds as you’re trying to get used to this new life. It’ll be hard for some but if you apply wisdom, you’ll get through it without too many hassles and with a lot of lessons.

We’ve gathered 20 truths that are important to note in your first year of marriage. It’ll not just put things in perspective for you, it’ll help you understand that storms don’t last long but are filled with lessons you can learn and hold on to for future reference.

Here you go…

1. Men and women communicate differently.
2. Trust God.
3. Agree on finances and what your budget monthly budget will be.
4. Dont be afraid or ashamed to seek help and guidance; you’ll need it.
5. Be patient and calm when you have disagreements, it’ll save you long, cold nights.
6. Communicate and discuss everything. Nothing is too small to be discussed.
7. Be yourself, otherwise, you’ll be under unncessary pressure to be who you’re not.
8. Communicate your needs.
9. Discuss expectations. Don’t assume your partner knows about these things
10. Don’t expect your spouse to know what is in your head: he is not a mind reader.
11. Remember , you’re a team, learn to work as one and always be there for each other.
12. Don’t RUSH into having babies. You need time for each other and babies tend to change the dynamics of your marriage.
13. Never EVER disrespect your spouse privately or publicly.
14. Build up your spouse and pray for him always.
15. Recognize your different personalities and always give leeway for mistakes and idiosyncrasies that might arise.
16. LISTEN, pay attention, and not just hear.
17. Schedule time for each other every day.
18. Learn to be yourself without the influence of your spouse. 

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