INTERVIEW: I Am Not An Ordinary Comedian, I Use My Talent To Win Souls For Christ - Olusho Agba

Hi, i have the opportunity to INTERVIEW another dream chaser in the Comedy Skit Video Niche. In fact an interview session with him was so exciting and I would what you to patiently read through.

Interviewing gives the room for knowing a personality more better, trust me we are making it big on this platform (blog). We appreciate every visitings and time spent here. 

Question: Let people meet you and tell us your background?

Ans: Olusho Agba Comedy Skit: My Name is Abiodun Oluwakayode Joseph 
A graduate of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta
I hail from Osun State, Esa-Oke from a family of Seven, which am fortunate to be the last born of my parent.

Response: Wow! Last born, per excellence & talent. Chuckling 😉 😉.

Question: What are your hobbies?

Ans: Smiles... Yea, All glory to God.

Ans: Mostly, I love listening to music,
Coz I got inspired with music and I learn from it. I love meeting people, especially talent driven personalities.

Response: Hmmm. Talent driven personalities, I think that made you who you are today! 👏

Question: Tell us about your journey in to the Comedy Skit Video Niche ? What's your Motive?

Ans: Coming into Comedy field was the last thing I ever think of.

Though am humorous, the ability is in me, but I never see myself on the line of comedy at all.
Though its a talent, and I felt probably this is the right time God wants me to start fulfilling destiny.
Even when I started, I started unknowingly, but along the way, the vision gets clearer and I need to define my ministry.

Not just to be an ordinary comedian, let me use my talent to also win souls for Christ, let people watch my video and laugh but never get wayward.
My own aspect of comedy is in a gospel way.
Bearing in mind never to go astray..

Question: What’s it about your growing up?

Ans: My growing up wasn't easy but all glory to God.
There are trials and tribulations, you know Rome wasn't built in a day, but one still need to keep striving because one need to convince many people that there is a sense in nonsense.

Coming by the Name OlushoAgba wasn't a easy task, because I could remember the OlushoAgba vision wasn't what I started with.
God gave me the inspiration of the name OlushoAgba through a vision
Since then, the brand has been created and we bless God today.
Many lined up project aiming to be achieved as time goes on especially in 2018 but bless God for His involvement so far.

Question: How has your growing up influenced your choice of career?

Ans: When you are doing something and you are happy with it, when you derived joy in whatever you do, the zeal will never stop
Motivation and inspirations from everything around you will keep you going.
My growing up has really influenced my career positively so far.
Everything around me inspires me, so am not always stranded of anything including ideas and concept.

But all Glory to God alone, He is the initiator of all.

Ans: Though am not born with a silver spoon on my mouth, but God has been so good so far
Question: What challenged you into starting your comedy skit video career in spite of what’s happening around us?

This is an era of effective use of social media, people do different comedies, either creative or not..
But what prompted me into comedy skit video is the ability I see in my disability.
Most times I watch some videos and I smile, though inside of me there is something telling me, I can also do creative stuffs like this.

The never-ending love I have for my Boss (Woli Agba) due to our resemblance, and some characteristics is also another notable factor, and I could remember when I started I started with the name (WoliAgbaJunior)
He is a mentor, and when one is growing up, there are people you look up to.

He also inspires me, wherever I go today, I will always give kudos to him.

Question: Who is/ are your role model(s)?

My number one role model is God. While others include;
Woli Agba, Kenny Black, Woli Arole and the likes....

Question: What’s your advice to young and up coming Comedian?

Never to relent.
Hard work pays, even when nobody believes In you, you have to believe in yourself. You are your own prophet.

Prayer, Consistency, Hardwork....
Combination of these will one day make one unsuccessful

Question: What’s your take on the state of the nation?

Although everyone knows the Nation presently needs prayer..
We pray God takes total control and also heal the Nation..
 Response: Thank you very much for your time.


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