Why Did You Chose To Be A Blogger? See How I Started My Blog In 2015 While Schooling

As a blogger, there are several things that made us to become a blogger. Blogging as for me began as a hobby, a choice and it is solely a way through which I can express my ideas, motives to the disperse audience. Blogging is something I have always wanted to do as far back as 2013 but since i was using a Nokia X2  phone at that time I always log around at Wapka websites, Peperonity amongst others, I do not really have a laptop/talk less of a desktop computer. I only had little knowledge/skills about computing. I didn't even bother, I kept the passion strong without looking at my weaknesses.

Fast forward to 2015, when I got admitted into a Polytechnic in Ogun State (MAPOLY) precisely where I studied Mass communication as a core course. Getting to school was all I wanted at the moment so I could learn more about English language, News Reporting, Investigative Journalism, Feature Writing, Photo-Journalism, Account Branding & Social Media Usage to mention few.

I acknowledge the great impacts my lecturers, Mr. Wasiu Tẹjuosho, Mr. Kolawole Amos, Dr. Adeosun, Mr. Sina Aina, Mr Jonathan, Mr. Tosin Adesile, Mr. Babalola (Bàbá Yorùbá), Mr. B.T.A Babalola to mention few who inculcated a lot through their text books, teachings & morals while on Campus, I realized that "Learning is not limited to the four corners of your class room, we stop learning until we die", this has kept me motivated and I always have the ability to learn everyday. Some days, i will definitely author a book (smiles).

Though it was all fun at first until it dawned on me that what they told me about blogging were mostly half-truths. As a very serious person who loves to gain knowledge, I did a little research here and there about blogging in Nigeria on search engines. Most of the results came out with several reason why you should thread the blogging career path and most of them made references to Linda Ikeji and her Multi-million or should I say Billion blog.

Blogging is real work, you know what, let me rephrase, becoming a successful blogger is real work. I rephrased because I have realised that most bloggers don’t want the real work part and that’s why a lot of them are not yet making it big.

Blogging requires a lot of work and I mean real work. So if you have the mindset that blogging is all about sitting back and making money, I advice you stop reading here or drop that mindset. As a blogger no matter your niche, you will need to research, create and recreate a lot. In blogging, Quality content is key and the only way to achieve that is via hard work. So also is growth and you have to work hard to ensure you grow.

Finally, Successful people know the difference between patience & procrastination. Blogging is all about patience, time, finance, consistency, real-work, research amongst others.

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