The 12 weeks fashion skills acquisition program organized by the awarded largest students / youths empowerment organization in Ogun State ,Diligent Entrepreneurship Youth Empowerment Organization Development ( DEYEOD ) releases their time table for the 12 weeks fashion intensive training .

Venue : 
Shalom Word Hall, Along Moshood Abiola Polytechnic , Opposite The Vulcanizer Along The Institution Gate , Abeokuta Ogun State Nigeria. 

F a s h i o n s A n d D e s i g n s C l a s s

- Introduction to the Sewing Machine and Basic Sewing

- Basic Skirt making, Pattern Cutting and Garment Finishing

- Intermediate skirt making

- Intermediate blouses making course focusing on the collars 

- Intermediate blouses making, focusing on sleeves 

- Jacket making

- Intermediate Pant-Making 

- Children Wears For Boys 

- Children Wears For Girls 

- Moulage and draping course

Class Breakdown:

Part 1:
Introduction to Fabric Orientation/grain lines/fibres/yarn
Construction of fabric library/go through different fabrics individually/fibre content/care instructions/characteristics of fabric in relation to clothing design.

Part 2:
Finish construction of Fabric library
Critical analysis of sample designs/selecting fabrics based on students interpretation of design and analyzing within class setting to maximize understanding of fabric relevance to design.

C r a f t i n g O f B a g s A n d S h o e s 

- Introduction To Shoe Making 

- Basics Materials and Tools Needed For Shoe and Bag Making

- How To Make Use Of Measurements 

- Various Types of Constructive Bags 

- Various Types Of Constructive Shoes

- Crafting Of Africa Slippers Without Machine 

- Crafting Of Africa Bags Without Machine 

- Molding Of Various Shoes For Males

- Molding Of Various Shoes For Females 

- Attachments Of Africa Shoes For Female High Heels

- Attachments Of Africa Shoes For Male Shoes

Class BreakDown

Part 1 : Introduction To Africa Fabrics Used For Crafting of Bags And Shoes,Students Creations of Ideas on Bags And Shoes, Identification of various tools needed for crafting and moulding of bags and shoes/ How to use hand sewing machine and applied gun gum for binding of materials.

Part 2 : Excursion activities of Students to visit the stated organization market where all materials needed can be procured easily / Critical Practice Of Crafting and Moulding / Crafting Of Bags And Shoes.

C i n e m a t o g r a p h y A n d M o d e l l i n g 

- Introduction To Cinematography and Modelling

- Introduction To Camera's 

- Practical Training On Handling Cameras 

- Fixing Of Camera Gadgets 

- Practical Features Of Photography

- Passports Exposition Practical 

- Editing Various Segments Of Photography

- Catwalk's Model Positioning Practical 

- Brands Postures Positioning Practical 

- Colour Combinations on Modelling

Class Break Down :

Part 1
Know what type, or combination of types, of photography you want to specialize in and plan accordingly.

Part 2 :
Modelling Excursion / Location Shooting, Natural and African Outlooks Shots,Visitation To Some Dignatries Offices Depending On The Available Links Approved By The Managing Director Diligent Entrepreneurship ( DEYEOD ).

M a k e U p A n d G e l e 

- Introduction to makeup artistry
- Facial features
-Minimization of flaws
-Facial Care

Head Gear Skills :

- Different types of gele typing styles
- Steps to follow in typing gele
- Double gele tying

- Day to day makeup
- Bridal make up
- Carnival Make up / Face painting
- Tools for trade
- Types of product and application techniques
- Eyebrow effects /customization
- Marketing yourself as a makeup artist

Class BreakDown :

Part 1
Basics Practical Tips to acquire about comestics, Physical Practicals Within All Applicants Only In This Category .

Part 2
Networking and Connection of event to work for such as Films Production Industries, Entertainment Industries and many more attached event partners of the awarded largest students / youths empowerment organization in Abeokuta OgunState, Diligent Entrepreneurship Youth Empowerment Organization Development ( DEYEOD ) .

C u s t o m i z a t i o n O f C l o t h e s A n d S o u v e n i r s 

- Introduction To Customization Of Clothes

- Analysis of Tools, Machines And Equipments for Clothes And Souvenirs

- Mixture Of Colours And Colour Combinations 

- Methodology And Mixture Of Chemical

- Souvenirs Printing 

- Exposure Procedures Involved In Customization

- Screening Transplant 

- Methodology of Pressing

- Packaging And Branding 

Class Break Down

Part 1 : Analysing various types of clothing / fabrics materials used in customization and various types of textures, How to make use of various hand machines , Electron Machines and Other Various Tools And Equipments.

Part 2 : Students Practicals on customization using various designs and creativity , practicals action on souvenirs and cutting of materials , sewing aspects ,screening and pressing of the fabrics to make a brand .

Course Outline Rules :

This course builds foundational knowledge of fabrics by creating a comprehensive fabric library where students will be taught the generic names of commonly used fabrics and their relevance to their designs in terms of key features, strengths and weaknesses. Basic distinctions between man-made and natural fibres will be defined and practical care will be addressed. Critical analysis will be carried out in the class where students will undertake appropriate fabric selection for sample designs.


Students must bring their own sewing kits, for example threads, fabric, pencils and rulers. The school will provide long rulers, sewing machines and the over locker. Sewing kits can be purchased at the school or advice can be given on buying elsewhere. Students may not share sewing kits.
Students also have to provide their own designs.

The maximum number of students for a single session is Ten (10). This is to ensure the efficiency and quality of learning and teaching.

Absence from a class will not be compensated in any way. The school takes no responsibility for the absence of the student, unless they are seriously ill and can provide appropriate medical documents.

 Students who are unable to attend a session should inform the school immediately, that is , inform your facilitator for your class ,so as such can be communicated with the top management of Diligent Entrepreneurship ( DEYEOD ).

Rearrangements may be made at our discretion providing teachers are available and the class numbers allow.

In the case of weather warnings forcing the school to close a replacement session will be provided at the school’s choice of date and time. Failure to attend a replacement class will be counted as usual absence.
Fees will be charged on confirmation of the class and must be paid in advance. Failure to pay will mean the student is barred from attending.

Unreasonable or disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated and will lead to exclusion. 

Fashion Vocational Training Rules And Regulations 

- Session Attendance Must be marked and recorded , this serves and recommend our applicants towards their punctuality and seriousness towards the value adding fashion program .

- All phones must be hold on silence, No side attraction sounds of gadgets which can serve as a distraction to the whole class. 

- All Applicants are compulsorily charged to ask questions which are inline with their course of vocation you have enrolled for.

- All applicants are dearly advised to always put on their Registration Identification Number Card that will be given to applicants that has paid for their part or full tuition fee payments for the fashion skills acquisition program .

- Words of insult , fighting or hooligans behavior is legally and highly prohibited in the course of the training .

- All Applicants should always put on a smiling and a friendly face , this shows and teaches our applicants on how to psychologically respond to their customers after the conclusion of their graduation .

P E N A L T I E S :
If any applicants violate the stated above management rules and regulations below are the constituted penalties and sanction that such individual will face and pay for immediately.

- Failure To Sign For Attendance during the course of the everyday training attracts unfairly recommendation from the management at the end of the 12 weeks training .

- Failure To Set Your Gadgets on silent and its mistakenly sounds during the course of the grain attracts a fine of #500 and such payment as to be made instantly to the head of the class in your vocational department .

- Failure to ask tutoring and reasonable questions during the vocational class attracts a fine of #200 and as to be paid immediately , Its sound so funny but its constituted and it will be actualised. 

- Any Applicants that fails to bring his or her identification registration card to class will never be allowed to sit or partake for lectures on such vocation ,and Such will not be allowed into the vocational hall. 
- Applicants that fails to put on a smiling face always during the course of the training will be forced to smile in any way because we are teaching all our entrepreneurial students on how to treat and smile rightly to their customers after their graduation ceremony and eventually when they are independent on their own .

       S K I L L S A C Q U I S I T I O N P R O G R A M 

  8am - 2pm - Fashions and Designs
- Crafting of Bags And Shoes
- Cinematography/Modelling
- Makeup and Gele

  8am - 2pm - Fashions and Designs
- Crafting of Bags And Shoes
- Cinematography/Modelling
- Makeup and Gele

8am -2pm- Fashions and Designs
- Crafting of Bags And Shoes
- Cinematography/Modelling
- Makeup and Gele

8am - 2pm- Fashions and Designs
- Crafting of Bags And Shoes
- Cinematography/Modelling
- Makeup and Gele

8am - 12pm - Fashions and Designs
- Crafting of Bags And Shoes
- Cinematography/Modelling
- Makeup and GelePLEASE NOTE : There will be a Break Time Within Monday - Thursday between the time of 11am - 12pm , This Time serves for relaxation , individuals refreshments and training continues after the stated break time . All applicants are advised to obey to the 1hour break and likewise not to exceed the 1 hour break , if any applicants fails to comply with the stated break time , its attracts a financial fine of #500 only , and this is to be collected by the elected general Chief whip .


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