The Right Way To Pack For A Short Trip

Some of us have jobs that require regular and frequent travels and a lot of the time when we have to pack on short notice, we are caught up in a dilemma as to the necessary things to pack and what not to.

This shouldn’t be the case as knowing the necessary things that your short trip requires and how to arrange them can save you time and stress. This is the right way to pack your carrier bag or suitcase for a short trip.

Don’t Be On The Lookout For Anything
One golden rule of short trips or business travel is that you really don’t have the time to queue up at the airport to drop your bags off before a flight or wait at the luggage carousel when you arrive your destination.

Neither do you have the time to argue with the loaders at a bus park who will insist you’re carrying too much luggage. That is why a carry-on bag is most suitable for short trips as it helps to save time and also forces you to squeeze and pack the things you need in an efficient manner.

If you are the type that makes frequent short trips, you can purchase a lightweight case that will come with a number of functional compartments for essentials such as toothbrushes, pens, deodorants, bathing soaps and clothes.

Bundle cords
If you’re travelling with personal effects that have cords such as phone or laptop chargers,ensure that you bundle the cord together with a rubber band or wrap.

Also, put your toiletries in the smallest wash bag you can find to prevent them from floating around, spreading an odour and taking up space that could be better used for other necessities.

Choose Black Outfits
Black garments should be your predominant choice when you’re going on short trips. Black clothes basically go with anything and won’t show any kind of dirt you may have picked up in the course of your journey, especially if you have to attend a meeting as soon as you arrive your destination.

If you’re not too comfortable with black, you can in the alternative go for neutral colours like white or blue. These shirt colours are solid, especially when you require almost every single item you have on your travel to mix and match with each other.

The Right Way To Fold Your Clothes
You probably have an idea as to how you can squeeze a number of your clothes into your travelling bag or suitcase.

Your idea might work with soft clothes like tee-shirts, jumpers and casual garments which can be folded simply by rolling them in a cylinder shape.

Folding formal items such as dress shirts, trousers and jackets is essential as they help to reduce creases as rolling them will cause crinkling of the garments.

Cotton shirts are a suitable option for business travel as they relatively remain unwrinkly and can be straightened out with the use of a small iron.

Wear The Same Suit

There’s a very low chance that people will notice you’re wearing the same suit for a couple of days if you’re on a business trip, especially if you match the shirt and ties well.

If you have a versatile medium-weight cotton suit, it is most suitable unlike linen suits which can easily become wrinkled.
You should however be careful if you’re going to fold a suit jacket into your travelling bag.

Pop both shoulders inside out, fold them in such a way that the lapels touch, then proceed to fold it again in a nice and firm manner.

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