LIFESTYLE: For Couples 5 Reasons Why You Are Always At Loggerheads With Your Partner

If you have always wondered why you and your partner are always at loggerheads and you two are always bickering then you should pay attention to this article.
Here are five common reasons why you two are always at loggerheads.

Inability to accept the other's view

When you don't accept your partner's view on an issue this could result to disagreement. When you discard their view/opinion then there is every tendency that it could result to you both being at loggerheads.

Unresolved issues

It's funny how issues that are unresolved finds a way of shooting its head and cause partners to be at loggerheads. Unresolved issues is a spoiler and when it is recalled it will definitely cause partners to be at loggerheads. So always find a way not to by pass any issue instead handle it with immediate effect.

Blame Addictions

You should learn not to easily point fingers at your partner. Sometimes we feel that we always need someone to blame. You don't expect your partner to keep quiet when you blame them as they will definitely try to comeback. This is one great reason why partners are always at loggerheads.

Personal issues

This differs among different partners. For some their personal issues could be their family, money, time etc. This reason is also a great because these issues are personal and dear.


The inability to let go of previous hurt, pain would cause partners to be at loggerheads. The fact that one party holds on to happenings in the past and refuses to let it go would always cause partners to disagree and never be in sink.

From the reasons listed above you can see that reasons why couples are always at loggerheads is not far fetched. The reasons are conscious effort from but sides and is not magic at all. The bottom line is that partners should always seek measures to sort out their differences.

Article by Mayowa Durojaye

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