INTERVIEW: Odefenwa Dorcas Claims To Become A Successful Entrepreneur As An Upcoming

Question: Can you please tell us your Full name and what you do for a living?

Ans: Odefenwa Ololade Dorcas.. 
Upcoming entrepreneur

Question: Wow really? That's awesome Odefenwa Ololade Dorcas ? Can you give a brief description about yourself to our readers?
Your Educational background, Complexion amongst others.

Ans: Well, I'm presently in Moshood Abiola polytechnic, mass communication..
I'm light in complexion, tall, not too thin

Question: Why have you chosen to become an Entrepreneur? Kindly give your description in full to our readers.

Ans: Smiles... As we know entrepreneurship is one of our economy saviour. It gives room for less stress as a career combined with education, It's a passion. It makes you think wide because you don't want to run at loss and go bankrupt.It makes you your own boss. You see opportunity in everything. And probably changed your orientation

Response: Hmmm.. Dorcas,you are really hitting the nail on the head. 

Question: Since Entrepreneurship is one of our economy saviour! What do you have to tell up and coming entrepreneurs who has fallen off the path of Entrepreneurship.?

Ans: I'm upcoming too.
Well, I don't really have much.Just stay focused. Before starting anything, do a thorough feasibility studies and plan well. It will be cool calculating your profit margin too, it sets you straight. Always see opportunities. Life is not a bed of roses so is business. 

Your first attempt might look disappointing or otherwise, 
Always set a unique selling point in your business. Have a role model and don't get discouraged most especially by those people you don't like going against.
They are not always right neither are you always wrong..... We can do it!!!

Response: Oh. Thanks Dorcas, we really appreciate your time & advice. Thanks a lot. We will be glad to have you here next time 

"Our interview was a bit short and snappy with Dorcas all because she's an upcoming entrepreneur and we can't start asking her questions that she doesn't have knowledge about."

But, we appreciate her commendable and applaudable  points which she as slated above for individuals who are looking forward to become a successful entrepreneur. 

Thank you so much for your time, it really been a nice discussion with you here on Tmicheals Blog Interview

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