INTERVIEW: "I Used My School Fee To Get A Music Production Gadget" – Bhadmus MNS Olasunkanmi

Question: Can you please tell our audience your full name? And what you do for a living?

Ans: My name is BHADMUS MNS OLASUNKANMI I'm a record producer.

Question: Wow really? That's cool. Bhadmus MNS? Can you brief give a little description about yourself to our readers?

Ans: Well I'm Nice & Special, I'm a mixture of crazy & cool. I have am average body, choc-skinned, and a not- so- innocent face to go with.

Response: Hmm.. You giving a description like a feature writer, that's cool.
Ans: Lol, thanks.

Question: Kindly tell us little about your Educational background?

Ans: I did good from Primary school @ Fun-Bell nur & pry sch, pry 1- 5, graduated 1997. I was quite brilliant up till my Secondary school at St Joseph Sec Sch Agege, graduated 2004. Till I eventually gained admission to Lagos state University (LASU) in 2008 and withdrew 2010.

I was studying Public Administration at the time, 200 l

Question: As per your profession? How did it all started? Cause the aim of this interview is to imbibe and cultivate a balanced trait to those who are aspiring to be a producer thereafter.

Ans: Hmmm
Ans: Well, it started way before I had to go team up with a friend to learn it.

Question: What year precisely?

Ans: I built the interest in the 90s when I would usually dub DJ fx2's mixtapes on my mom's King Sunny Ade or Shina Peters cassettes. And mom would discard them and I would go pick them up from the roof where she had thrown them. Sometime, she will cut out lyrics from newspapers to bring home for me.

Ans‬: Then in 2007, I teamed up with a friend to started fooling around with production tools Fruity loops 3 paradox precisely.
Ans: And then by 2010 I got my first job to work in a studio in ogba, Afrhythm studios. About the same time I dropped outta school.

Ans: Up to date, its still a struggle as always. It wasn't easy but we did it.

Question: You dropped out of LASU 2010? If you don't mind, what has led to the drop out, was it your school fee? Or what? Kindly, tell us more about that.

Ans: I got mixed with bad company 3 years before I gained admission. I realized and was even reluctant to further my education knowing it was gonna affect me.

My mom always got her way so I was forced to go despite my hesitations. I got to school tried to keep a low profile but you know what they say 'by their finger u shall know them'...i was dragged in again. Then along the line, I realized I was popular in school for something else rather than the music I should have gained recognition for.

In between, it was always a struggle to keep up with feeding, studies amidst all that distractions. So one day, I called myself to order, got fed up of living that way and feared for my future and went and told mom "I'm done! Use my school fees to buy me gadget I need to start up music production" it was only 75k and all I could get was a desktop and a portable hi-fi speakers and a UPS... I set up in my room for 3years.

Response: Hmmm. So touching and pathetic, are you saying you set up your studio in your room? Coughs!

Ans: Right, where others had a good platform to start up...all I had was my room.

Response: Hmmm. Interesting!

Question: For good 3 years now, What recognitions have you gotten?

Ans: 3 years? Man that was even 2013!
Ans: But for 3 years all I got was area recognition. You have to understand the setting here. It wasn't a rosy island life! It was a God-help-you- you-no-dey-for-gutter setting and I can only thank God to have brought me this far.

Ans: That's 2007-2018 now

Question: So, can you tell us most of your awkward moments during this period?

Ans: Plenty of times I got kicked out from one studio or another for incompetence or jealousy from studio owners.

Times I would trek back home at midnight in the rain with tears in my eyes all mixed up with the rain u can't tell the difference. I can't tell it all bro, I can't.

Question: Hmmm! So, what word of advice do you have for the up and coming Music producers?

Ans: A sword can only get forged in a fire. Especially if you got nothing else (which I strongly advise against) you do it like your life depends on it, cuz it does.
You're going to be spending time alone in the studio perfecting ur skills when ur mates are out there living a life but can't cuz this is the life you choose and time is of the essence you can't afford to waste it.

Ans: So don't waste ur time if ure not sure its music production for u. Cuz it'll take up ur time.

Ans: And if ure so courageous.... make income on the side

Response: Hmmm, Thanks so much I am glad our readers as well will pick one or two words from what you've slated above.

Question: Can you tell us anything about your Relationship? Do you have a girlfriend?

Ans: Yes, I am not single. Jus got it right tho

Question: How has she been supportive to your profession?

Ans: Aside God who's my source of inspiration, she is an inspiration. In my 30s, its a sin if I don't have.

Question: Huh, are you saying! Man in their 30s without a girlfriend has committed a sin?

Ans: Lol, no. They have a problem ni! Time man, time. E no dey, Kere-kere look how far I've come, what have I accomplished? Yet time dey go. E no send! 

Question: Oh,, What's the full meaning of MNS?

Ans: Mayowa, Nice & Special..

Question: What brought about Mayowa, Nice & Special?

Ans: Cuz that's the summary of me. My character and personality. Even when I'm bad, I'm nice nooni.

Question: Where's your studio situated at? Lagos?

Ans: Presently its in Sango-Ijoko, Ogun State.

Question: Share with us your social media handle or mobile if there's need for those who have interest in patronizing your studio.

Ans: Twitter: @mnsonthebeat
Instagram: @mnsonthebeat
Google+: mnsonthebeat
Facebook: mnsonthebeat (Bhadmus MNS Olasunkanmi)
Nearby: mnsonthebeat

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