INTERVIEW: I Enjoy Being A Visual Artist & A Music Producer – Aileru Genius

Question: Can you please tell our audience your name, and what you do for a living?

Ans: My name is Aileru Ibrahim, Am a student of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic. A Music Producer also a Visual Artiste 

Question: Wow, this is amazing! A Music producer & a Visual artist.

Question: Aileru Ibrahim? Can you please give a brief description about yourself to our readers..?

Ans: I study Mass communication, Am aslo a performing Artiste. Am kind of person who is friendly, jovial, Humble, Gentle but stubborn

Question: As a Music producer, What have you encountered so far? What recognitions have you gotten.?

Ans: Perform @ Shagamu Got Talents in 2013 and won an amount of 30,000....... In Vocal and Lyrics 30k is a huge amount then to a small boy like me🤣🤣

Ans: sorry cant answer dat for now

Question: Ok. As a preforming artiste? On what platforms and Events have you exhibit your talent as per singing 

Ans: Dat was when i drop my first R&B single title Loving you

Question: Being a student and a Music producer? How do you cope with both.

Ans: i dont joke with my education,  I always read ahead. So production dont affect my education

Question: Can you please enlighten us about being a Visual artist?

Ans: A visual artist is a creative minded person who is talented in Drawing Or painting or has knowledge about Art

Question: Wow, can you share most of your creative drawings or paintings with us?

 Wow, Amazing work!

Response: You're indeed a Genius..

Question: So, what do you have for up and coming Visual artistes? In terms of advice & motivation.

Ans: Practice Make Perfection. No one taught me how to draw. The more u practice the more perfect u gonna be

Reponse: Thanks Genius, we really appreciate your time!

Thank you so much for your time, it really been a nice discussion with you here on Tmicheals Blog Interview

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