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I've been interviewing young entrepreneurs in different professional fields since last week, and now I have brought to you another young geek who rocks & owns Geekzone.com.ng in Nigeria. My interview session with him was mind blowing and inspiring, kindly take your time to read; 

Question: Can you please tell our readers your name and what you do for a living?

Ans: I'm Afolayan Raphael Oluwaseun

Question: Raphael? What do you do for a living?

Ans‬: A tech blogger and also a programmer in the making

Question: Oh. That's pretty cool, can please tell us little about your self? In other to let our readers know who you are!

Ans‬: I'm the last born of my mother. Also happening to be the first male child of both parents. My dad had three children with my mother and another three with my step mom.. There's always pressure on me to succeed even while I was still in secondary school. Am 17 by the way

Question: What made you think you could be a Tech blogger?

Ans‬: I started out as an entertainment blogger initially on Seun24blog.blogspot.com.ng
Regularly posting copied posts and all..I was getting good traffic about 3k pageviews some days self. But I didn't feel contented in what I was doing. The news/gossip I was posting wasn't adding value to any body's life.

Question: As per your profession? How did it all started? Cause the aim of this interview is to imbibe and cultivate a balanced trait to those who are aspiring to be a Tech blogger, Freelance writer amongst others?

Ans: I quit blogging for a while about three months and in this process I realised that I was more of a geek than a gossiper.

Ans‬: I knew very much about tech as I know and have a passion for deep research. Often when I gain knowledge I would not feel comfortable keeping the knowledge to myself knowing fully well that others are going to go through the same stress of gaining that same information.

Ans‬: I realized I could use my previous experience as a blogger to move forward with this trend

Question: So, can you tell us most of your awkward moments during this period?

I was constantly being hailed as a "blogger" Seen as a rich man by my friends. Anytime I told anyone I was a blogger theyll start to look at me in a different light, some even ask me for money immediately. They sometimes thing that once you start blogging you get thousands of naira immediately.
I mean it was very frustrating at the same time fun though. People don't really know the stress and struggle blogging entails. Sometimes you might not even make up to 1k in a whole week sometimes month. Yet they see anyone who claims to be a blogger as a millionaire

Question: Hmmm! So, what word of advice do you have for the up and coming Tech bloggers & Freelance writers?

Ans: You can only make profit in any endeavor provided you have
something tangible to offer. Before you dive into blogging or writing look for a quality selling point you have. It might be your ability to teach/explain things to others .(giving tutorials) Analyze things well( giving reviews ) .
Find a way to cash in on those strong points you have, discover how to improve and develop your other shortcomings Or just to Copy and paste other people's hardwork and end up sooner or later as a failure. Understand that gaining recognition doesn't happen instantly. Jide Ogunsanya didn't build ogbonge blog in a week, I didn't go ahead with
geekzone.com.ng until I made proper research, finalised my plans and have thoughts for it  
and asked for advice from others.

Response: Thanks, we really appreciate your time

Thank you so much for your time, it really been a nice discussion with you here on Tmicheals Blog Interview. 

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