Ifeoluwa D Ojo Of Ideasbeams Emerges Blogger/Writer Of The Week On Tmicheals Blog

Immediately after the New Year Celebratetion, we've been looking forward to showcase the beauty of being a blogger and a writer in Nigeria to majority of us who are aspiring to become one.

"Ifeoluwa D Ojo"  is the Founder/CEO of "Ideasbeams".  He virtually uses most of his time to write articles about Lifestyle, Relationship, Marriage Amongst others. He as made countless connections through the platform he handles (blogs).

More so, He's the Founder & Editor @ Relationship Ark Builder (A platform that focuses on Relationship, Better Together, Friendship, Courtship) the community just clocked it 3 years of existence some days back.

He's just too overloaded, he's a simple and jovial person but always quite when trying to figure out something new. Most times, when I've the opportunity to be with him, I am always filled with anxiety to learn. 

You rarely see him not doing anything, he rather picks up his laptop to make research or read inspiring books. 

So far so good, this Nigerian Motivational/Insightful blogger has written life-changing articles on Business, Entrepreneur & Stock Marketing.

Lastly, He's a Web developer & designer, Content Writer, Relationship Analyst & A Motivator

I am proudly a fan of "Ideasbeams"

Do follow him on his social media handles;

Facebook: Ifeoluwa D Ojo 
Twitter: @ifeideas 
Instagram: @ifeideas 

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